Urban and environment regeneration is a commendable aspiration of any forward thinking town or city and with the advent of the 21st Century it is heartening to observe that Northampton Borough Council wishes to move forward with the times by creating an exciting, vibrant and socially interactive space within the heart of the town.

Aims and Objectives

To create a multi-faceted utilitarian “plaza’ incorporating both active and passive spaces for all day usage and enjoyment. Quality durable materials would be used at all stages on the project. Stone, bronze, water and lighting are key elements with a wish to use local skilled professionals wherever possible. Materials must have longevity and low maintenance costs wherever feasible. The design will incorporate many aspects of the towns heritage and character. From the poetry of John Clare, the lost eight great towers of Northampton’s old castle to the fundamental reason of why Northampton is here anyway - The Nene.

The Site

Abington Street since its pedestrianisation has by its nature created an urban space with huge untapped potential. Now is the time to revitalise with vision and foresight. This space can create a landmark site for the New Millennium which will encourage people to visit, shop and linger in our town. It is envisaged that along with a stunning 'active' sculptural fountain installation there will be key points for street theatre and performance to take place. Other smaller sculptural features (which will visually punctuate the street), will create spaces for more intimate activities such as meeting and drinking. Soft landscaping should also be considered. An avenue of specimen trees would soften and harmonise the street creating colour, shade, and a place to perhaps encourage a continental outdoor and conservatory style cafe bar society as found in the streets of Paris and Barcelona.



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