• Saturday 15th - October 2006 - Towards A 'Market Square With Vision' - The need to reduce the number of stalls on Northampton Market to a sensible and viable level was a necessary step towards rationalising the centuries old custom of shopping outdoors to meet today’s demand. NBC’s Market Square Client Group agreed eighteen months ago, to create a smaller, but high quality and flexible open market on the Market Square and to use the remaining part of the square as a civic space.

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  • 'Greyfriars Bus Station --- Good or Bad?' - Following John Sheinman's controversial artical on the future of Northampton Town Centre published in the Chronicle & Echo on 25th September 2006 a number of people responded. The following was typical of the many letters received and John's reply is included as they were both published by the Chronicle & Echo on 2nd October 2006.

  • Friday 3rd March 2006 - Northampton Townscape Heritage Initiative - Learn how the history and heritage of Northampton can help shape the town's future.

  • Monday 6th February 2006 - Thomas Adams has a vision for Northampton. Read more about his plan and Norhtampton's ring doughnut syndrome here.

  • Tuesday 24th Januaray 2006 - Phil Larrett, Leader of Northampton Borough Council has announced his resignation on Monday 23rd January. His position has been taken over by Tim Hadland.

    Councillor Tim Hadland

  • Wednesday 26th December 2005 - An Architect's Vision of Northampton - Learn more about the rich architectural history of Northampton with this detailed tour compiled by Patrick Duerden.

  • Thursday 15th December 2005 - Opening ceremony and dedication of the Francis Crick Memorial Sculpture Funded by the Wilson Foundation and supported by Northampton Borough Council and Northants County Council Artist Lucy Glendinning.

  • Tuesday 6th December 2005 - West Northants Urban Development Corporation 'Review' meeting, Guildhall.




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