• John Sheinman has been Principal Optometrist of one of the UK's foremost eyecare centers since 1964.   Since that time he has significantly advanced the practice's clinical research profile, established by the founder AE Turville OBE in 1915.

    The practice now serves around 35,000 patients in eyecare and related general health care, the provision of fashion eyeware and manufacture of spectacles and contact lenses and low visual aids for the partially sighted.

    Through research into examination techniques and sight analysis the practice has throughout its history contributed many forms of unique sight-testing systems and ophthalmic instrument design now marketed through its partner company EyeLab Ltd .

    Sheinman has remained at the forefront of advanced modern technology and has helped with the development of retinal scanning laser photography, and ocular blood-flow analysis for early glaucoma detection. A special interest in children's vision and specific learning disabilities has led to computer-based vision training ( Home Therapy ) and colour sensitivity analysis ( Colorimetry ) for dyslexia.   In addition the practice has had a long association with industrial workplace consultancy that started in Northampton's Boot & Shoe industry more than 70 years ago and with British Timkin engineering in the 1950's.   This has led to  corporate vision screening systems for VDU operators and schoolchildren's  vision testing since 1990.

    EyeLab has now developed interactive sight-testing eye charts and the world's only Internet sight-test facility, Vutest, enabling people to test their own vision on-line at any location. For more information visit Vutest.com and test your vision online.

    In every concept of the Sheinman culture forward thinking and total patient care remain the foremost mission. The unending pursuit of a 'vision'.

    Outside of the practice and activities within the world of ophthalmology, forensic optics and Health Service management Sheinman still sees himself as a 'man of vision'.

    A long-standing interest in Northampton town centre issues, on-going since the 70's, and a great interest in architecture and town planning has helped to create a portfolio of concepts and proposals to improve the infrastructure and environment of Northampton's town centre.

    At the heart of any proposal there must be quality and a realistic concept of delivery.

    This website has been created as a vehicle to present the ideas, now updated, that the Sheinman Vision has nurtured over these many years.

    John Sheinman is a member of the Town Centre Partnership Board and Future Northampton. In the capacity of a member of the Town Centre Commission and various Select Committees it is hoped that exposure to these visions will stimulate discussion, fuel enthusiasm and generate action to re-establish Northampton as a destination uniquely attractive and stimulating regionally, nationally and for local people once again.

    Truly a town to be proud of.




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