We are suffering from the ring doughnut syndrome.   All the shopping where people want to go is on the edge of the Town or within an hour by car or train from the town.

We are in danger of getting a dead hole in the centre of the town.

A SOLUTION - in two parts.

•  We must attract a world beating iconic public building to be a destination in the heart of the town.   We must get 'The Guggenheim of Great Britain' in Northampton Town Centre.   My preferred site is the County Hall, Law Courts, Judges Lodgings site running from George Row down to Swan Street.

•  We build for Northampton a 21 st century rapid people moving system.   I call it 'Park and Bubble'           

A ring of good quality car parks connected by a bubble style cable car network, with a strategic interchanges, could move thousands of people per hour in safety and comfort.   It would remove traffic congestion and pollution.   The people carrier could become a visitor attraction in itself - look at the San Francisco cable cars.

The cars will hold eight seated plus eight standing and will arrive every two minutes.   This will eliminate long waiting times at stops and queues.

The system will be financed by a P.F.I. in the same way as the London Underground.

It will be designed and built by either Von Roll of Switzerland who build cable cars systems world wide or Poma of France who built most of the examples in the photos attached including the cars on the London Eye.

Electric power for the system can come from renewable sources.   Wind turbines, solar cells, methane gas power generated from recycled garden waste and a power and heat generating station burning all the town combustible waste in a high temperature incinerator.   The pylons supporting the cables will be rented out to mobile communication companies, providing a Blue Tooth facility for the town.   Advertising space can be sold on the outside of 'The Bubbles'.

I look forward to the day when people say 'Lets fly into the town centre to visit the Guggenheim and do some shopping.

To ensure punctuality we should employ Swiss Railways to run the system.


No new central roads for the extra population.

No increase in traffic.

A reduction in pollution.

No long waiting times or queuing.

All enclosed interchanges at either ground level or high level.

The routes could go through buildings such as a new Rail Station, Shopping Centre and 'The Guggennheim'.   A route could go into the Hospital.

High security levels for the passengers.   CCTV in every car.   Women or children

could use separate cars.   The doors will be remotely locked.   Vandals can be locked in until the police arrive.

Disabled access and use is easy, as each car drops from the high-speed cable onto a slow speed cable at interchanges.   The cars can be stopped for wheelchair entry and exit without slowing down the high-speed cable system.

Four or five lines radiating from a central hub at the bottom of Abington Street would serve the whole town and could move many thousands an hour at peak times.


                                                                                                                  Thomas Adams




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